Thursday, September 13, 2007

Generation 4 - Chapter 13

Remember last chapter how I sent Payton and Maura to mourn in the mausoleum? Didn't help. In fact, I think it made things worse. Yep, big mistake having them step foot in that place. I give up. Since we had all those birthdays and managed to keep everyone alive, here's another family portrait. Who's getting tired of these family portraits? Everyone? Too bad...ha! Welcome to the family, Jaq. You're not really part of the family until you've been scared by a ghost, so congratulations. By the way, you look really good without the hat! First order of business for Hayden is the potty training. Good job, Clay. Good to see senility hasn't set in! Here we have Cadence greeting Stephen Vu. Not bad, Cadence, not bad! He has some potential. Especially for a guy just walking by the house. We'll keep him in mind for the future, after you graduate college, of course. Wait a minute, we don't have a teenager in the house. Who is this? Oh wait, that's Taylor. I missed his birthday, but doesn't he look handsome? And just like all the Cavanaugh 4th generation kids in front of him, he hightailed it to the phone and called to get his acceptance to college. See ya, Taylor. We'll be visiting you in college! All I can say is it's a good thing we got that first painting out of the way because if Marisa had her way, Clay would be joining her! These ghosts are relentless! Seriously, I'm lucky I haven't had anyone die yet! Hayden's getting the daddy treatment. Clay has taugh this kid to potty and to walk. We don't need him to talk though. He's fine just walking around. Teaching him to talk just causes more noise in the house. And the time has come for Jaq to officially join the family. Draco and Jaq take a moment to exchange vows in the backyard as couples in the house have before them. They exchange rings. And this is also about the time I started to freak out because I couldn't remember who got to the arch first and wasn't sure if Draco would be taking Jaq's name. Lucky for me, though, Draco had gotten to the arch first and as they offically become husband and wife, I discover that Jaq is now Jaqueline Cavanaugh. Whew! "Congratulations on growing up!" Yes, Jaqueline, congratulations on growing up and getting married. Normally, I would think that was an odd thing to say right after getting married, but he is a Cavanaugh, after all. Ok, seriously! Keep this up and I'm getting rid of you! And to think I liked you, Remington. And finally, Payton, the kid the ghosts loved the most, is turning into a teen and he can finally leave the house! And as we end this chapter, we take a look at Payton as a teen and we count our blessings that there will be one less person in the house because it was getting really crowded and we need to get Generation 5 going!